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Later directories use street addresses. If you have a pre-twentieth century home, you should use the and directories together, so you can be a little more confident of the location and address. If you are lucky, the person did something noteworthy.

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Usually you will be able to find an obituary, which will give more information for research. You will need a library card to access that link, however. Don't ignore the old neighbors you found in the censuses and directories; stories about them may have a references to your house or its residents. From January 7, , to December 6, , the Norwood Enterprise newspaper had a series of reader-supplied columns, edited by Charlotte Shockley, called "I Remember Norwood Copies of those articles were collected and donated to the Norwood Branch Library.

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Since they often mentioned Norwood homes, you may find some useful information about your home there. AN EXAMPLE: By combining information from one of these columns with previous homeowner information from censuses, directories and newspapers, a Norwood resident was able to determine that a well-known early 20th-century musician and composer, Victor Herbert, had visited the home. BOOKS — There are several books, at the libraries, and reprints, from around the late s, that have biographies of Norwood residents. If you are fortunate, a previous owner or resident of your property will be described.

Click here for a partial list of books. It is possible, for a few houses, to piece together information from advertisements in the book "Norwood, Her Homes and Her People" and old directories, to determine the architect or builder. Similar results may be possible with other documents. See "More Resources" at the end of this page for two builders of the s. Search for the names you have collected, either through a search engine, e. Google , or at genealogic sites such as rootsweb.

Besides the typical child's sketch of a house with smoke coming out of the chimney, there were several scribbled names. When a review of census records was undertaken, those same names were found to be those of the children of the early homeowner. It put one more piece of personal history into the home.

Like many communities, there are "Sears" homes in Norwood. Looking through old catalogs, you may find your house. With the old Norwood Sash and Door Company, which was owned by Sears for many years, those items may be part of your house. Look at this site for more information on Sears homes: Sears Archives - official site for Sears Homes. Details from your house may give important clues.

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Entries for book 39 are really for book 40, for 43 are really book 49, for 48 are really for book These are corrected in our finding aid below. From to , see index in each book. From to , see Lease Index , and Original Lease Index 1 for books 4 to 16, 18 to 49 is available here:.

Original Lease indexes 2 and 3 combined, 50 through is available here:. Finding Aids. To create the surname finding aids below as quick as possible, only the lessee renters were transcribed at this time. Some lessor owners surnames are shown because of need to review. The spelling, book and page are accurate for any lease that has a complete date in the last column. For all other leases, an estimate of the time frame -- Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter plus year -- is shown in the last column.

These files are every word searchable. Search for lessor and other names after the PDF file is opened. To get a search box, hold down Ctrl key and letter "F".

Where to file?

Terms and abbreviations: "asst. From to , liens were recorded in deed books "A" through "W2. The first separate lien book, 1, was started in Lien books 1 through 21 are online at Recorders Office. Lien books 1 through 21 are also online at FamilySearch. Lien books 1 through 21 are also online at Recorders Office. Lien indexes: Use Deed Index books for to There are only lien indexes for and Mortgage Release books 1, 2 and 3 have been digitized and are online at FamilySearch.

To trace property in the county, it is necessary to understand the nomenclature of how the sections are arranged and identified. Ranges, Entire Ranges and Fractional Ranges.

Before the townships were laid out, county property was arranged in areas called Ranges. Within the Ranges, a smaller grouping of sections was designated as Towns. This term has nothing to do with actual existing named towns, villages and cities within the county today. Within the Ranges were towns, numbered from 1 to 5. For areas not next to rivers or county boundaries, ideally there would be 36 sections to a Town, arranged in a 6 section by 6 section square. Because of the rivers and boundaries, some Towns contain a varied number of Sections.

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For example: to describe the area from the Indiana border to the Great Miami River:. The current Townships can be described by what surveyed lands are contained within them:. County maps. Especially important are pages where Bill has compared the maps and shows examples of how to utilize them. Original on wall at Hamilton Co. Recorder's Office. Copy in PLCH 3rd floor map cabinet :. Titus' Atlas of Hamilton Co. Graver and Eileen Mullen The index not only gives the full name, but title, document type, places outside of Hamilton County and a unique "chain" index, that is, the number of other persons in the same document with other surnames.

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Hamilton County Probate Court - Hamilton County Probate Court

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